10-18-09 Information Design Process

I kept going with the theme that I started with and i like how it is turning out so far, but I'm having trouble trying to get information on there that I it starts from the healthiest drink to the least healthy.


Instead of a north symbol maybe you could use a healthy symbol and have some sort of symbol that says healthy is up.

I think the design could still be a little bit more simplified it is still kinda hard to figure out, also I would incorperate the title in there more it looks like it was just added really quick.

oh...i like it a lot more then before you have the information in the picture now which makes it a lot easier to understand....i don't think you have to put on there which is the healthiest to lest healthiest because most people i feel would know that but maybe you could change the size of the font on the information you gathered so one has more hierarchy then the other.

The improvements made look really good. It is still confusing to me in some areas.I think the words "what I drank over a one week period" could be a lot more interesting. I like how your using the colors that the liquids are, but I think they are really dull looking, you could brighten them up a bit. I do think if you were to work on this more it will be a really fun diagram.

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