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Book Process

Type Style and Wordmarks

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Here is my page with my type styles and the other page has my wordmarks.

Symbol Process

Here are some of my museum symbols and different color choices.

Design brief and mood board

10-18-09 Information Design Process

I kept going with the theme that I started with and i like how it is turning out so far, but I'm having trouble trying to get information on there that I it starts from the healthiest drink to the least healthy.

Extended Process-Info Design Project

A little more extended process on the first process entry.

1st Digital Process-Info Design

Beginning work on my info design project.

Project 2 rough sketch

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Here is a little sketch of my process and information collection over the past week. I want to make a either a waterfall diagram or a map of a river with all of the drinks I have been drinking, and have each level of how healthy each drink is for me represented.


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