Reviews of "Darwinian Agriculture"

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Allison Snow, whose publications have included some of the best work on gene flow from transgenic crops to weeds, has reviewed Darwinian Agriculture in the journal, Science. My main goal in writing the book was to increase the sophistication of public discourse on agriculture, so I was pleased by her suggestion that "the book is perfect for discussion-based seminar courses." She also wrote that "Denison comes across as part genius and part dreamer." Maybe, but I'm not the only one.

See also the two-part review by Jeremy Cherfas on the always-interesting Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog. His review was also quite positive, but I need to consider and respond to his suggestion that I've underestimated the potential of varietal mixtures.

Similarly, Timothy Crews, of the Land Institute sent a couple of journal articles they've written about tradeoffs in perennial grain crops, which I should have cited and discussed. I plan to do that here, when I can find the time.

As of today, there are no customer reviews on Amazon in the US, but there's one on Amazon UK.

I'm still waiting for the first negative review. No hurry, I guess.

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