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It's not a book tour, exactly, but an increase in speaking invitations from my usual 1-3 per year.

22-27 March 2013. Darwinian Agriculture. A five-part series of lectures and discussions at the International Rice Research Institute, Los Banos, The Philippines.

4 June 2013. Evolutionary tradeoffs as constraints and opportunities. LANGEBIO, Irapuato, Mexico.

23 June 2013. Darwinian Agriculture. Evolution 2013. Snowbird, USA.

4-9 August 2013. Darwinian Agriculture. Annual Meeting, Ecological Society of America, Minneapolis, USA.

18-23 August 2013. Evolving More Beneficial Crop Symbionts. INTECOL 2013. Joint meeting of the International Association for Ecology and British Association of Ecology. London, England.
Part of a symposium on "Applying Ecological and Evolutionary Knowledge to Increase Agricultural Yield and Sustainability", organized by Jacob Weiner.

I will also be attending the North American Congress on Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation, here in Minneapolis, and a workshop on Evolutionary Origins of Multicellularity, in Durham, North Carolina.

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I do hope you get to have some quality time with the C4 team at IRRI, and will be looking forward to your report on that.

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