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Alfons Balmann has reviewed my book in the Journal of Bioeconomics.

"As opposed to the somewhat ideological arguments frequently raised by the proponents of these approaches in public debates on topics like GMOs and organic farming, Denison's concerns are not motivated by a wholesale rejection of these approaches, but by a substantiated assessment of their limitations, and by developing alternatives."
I wasn't familiar with the journal, but keep running into interesting parallels and differences between economics and evolutionary biology. See, for example, this interview with economist Robert Frank, author of The Darwin Economy. I've enjoyed his previous books, but haven't read that one yet. And I've agreed to participate in a symposium on ""The Significance of Evolution for Understanding the Economy : Perspectives from Anthropology, Biology, and Economics" in September, hoping to learn more.

First, though, I'll be speaking at Evolution 2013, in Snowbird, Utah. I was also planning to speak at the Intecol (Ecology) meetings in London -- until I saw their outrageous registration fee, with no single-day option. I'll be at the the much-cheaper Ecology meetings in the US, though, right across the river in Minneapolis.

Local food?

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"We like to buy local food... despite the fact that the increased transportation costs of locally grown food make for a greater carbon footprint..." -- Comment from John Gorentz on blog Front Porch Republic

It's hard to argue with someone who says my book is "quite a page turner" but I think he may be over-stating his case a bit, to emphasize the point that buying local food doesn't necessarily save energy. I do the same thing on the last page of the book.