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At Oberlin College, Angie Roles is using my book in a first-year seminar: "Cats, Cattle, and Corn: On the Origin of Domesticated Species." I'll be giving a talk there next month and am looking forward to meeting with her students.

At UC Davis, Robert Hijmans is using it in a seminar titled "Darwinian Agriculture", apparently intended for students in the Ecology graduate program.

Jacob Weiner applies ecological and evolutionary theory to agriculture in very interesting ways. I used to assume that tradeoffs between individual fitness and the collective performance of plant communities -- a tradeoff we both recognize -- implies that high-yield crops will be less competitive with weeds. But he hypothesizes that, to some extent, weed suppression is the kind of "public good" neglected by individual selection. Weiner works in Denmark, but will be speaking several places in the US this autumn:

October 16: SUNY Geneseo
November 5: University of Minnesota, St. Paul
Nov. 7: University of Wisconsin, Madison
Nov. 11: University of Chicago
Nov. 12: University of Illinois, Chicago Circle

I'm looking forward to his talk here on:
"Applying Plant Population Biology - Increasing the Suppression of Weeds by Cereal Crops" and recommend going to hear him, if you're near any of the above locations.

My upcoming talks

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I don't think my talk at Ringberg Castle next week is open to the public, but these departmental seminars probably are:

Sept. 27, Kellogg Biological Station, Michigan
Oct. 4, St. Thomas University, Minnesota
Oct. 11, Oberlin College, Ohio
Oct. 30, Horticulture Department, University of Minnesota
Nov. 21, Iowa State University

Talk titles are mostly something like:
"Darwinian agriculture: evolutionary tradeoffs as opportunities"