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Videos of my talks

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My recent talk in Dublin, hosted by by the Irish agricultural-research agency, Teagasc, is now available on YouTube. Unfortunately, the photographer apparently thought video of me talking and the audience listening was more interesting than my data slides. Maybe it was a mistake to wear a tie. The Q&A session, where I respond to questions about organic farming and genetic engineering, didn't rely on slides, so might be more interesting.

Previous videos that show my slides well include:

* My 2013 lecture series at the International Rice Research Institute .

* My 2013 department seminar at UC Davis.

* My 2010 keynote talk at the Applied Evolution Summit.

That's the title of a review Andy McGuire and I just published (online now) in Global Food Security.

...or whatever we call over 100 but fewer than 1000 views.

This page has links to an interview Michael Joyce did with me at the end of my week-long visit to the International Rice Research Institute, as well as the five lectures I gave there (plus audience questions and discussion).

Also still available are:
* a 60-second AAAS story on my most-cited paper.
* a video of my keynote talk at the Applied Evolution Summit
* a lower-quality video of a talk on Evolutionary Tradeoffs as Agricultural Opportunities
* an audio interview with science writer Carl Zimmer

Or, you can find an updated list of my publications, with links to many of them, here.

I'm always amazed how badly out-of-date many of my colleagues' publication lists are. Spend a few minutes setting up a Google Scholar page, and you'll always be current. It's also an easy way to find papers that cite yours. Here's mine.

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...on scaling up and on perennial grains.

No spam so far, just constructive criticism.

JSTOR, which I've mostly used as a source of PDFs of old scientific journal articles, apparently has a copy of my book. If your library has licensed access from them, I assume you can read the whole thing on line. Otherwise, you can read the first paragraph of each chapter, if that will help you decide whether to buy a copy or get it from a library.
Google Books will let you read even more of the text.

Welcome !

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A few years ago, I started a blog, This Week in Evolution. My original purpose was to discuss recent research in evolutionary biology, especially papers in published in nonspecialist journals. Recently, many of my posts have been updates and corrections to my recently published book, Darwinian Agriculture. You can read those here.

With the recent surge in interest in my book, apparently due to Allison Snow's enthusiastic review in Science, this seems like a good time to start a separate blog focused on the intersection of evolutionary biology and agriculture. So here it is.