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Who are you?

Visitors per day: 42 (one of my favorite numbers)
Longest visit: 52 minutes
Only 26% use Internet Explorer (obviously a sophisticated bunch!)
Leading source of incoming links: Terry Tao’s “What’s new? math site (wow!) and Carl Zimmer's "The Loom"
Second-most-common language: Usually Portuguese (equal numbers from Portugal and Brazil) or Finnish
Islands: Islas Canarias (Spain), Iceland, Ireland, UK, New Zealand (both islands), Honshu (Japan), Dominican Republic, Australia? Kama`ainas too busy with real surfing?
Under-represented continents: Africa (cradle of human evolution) and Antarctica
Favorite compliment: "er zu einer wirklich raren Spezies gehört: ein Science Blog (fast) ausschließlich über Science (*gasp*)"


I'm one of the non-IE users, recently, at least. I had to figure out what I was doing wrong in Firefox that wouldn't let me get past the proxy at work. Yep, classic copy/paste error.

I enjoy reading your site.

I'm from boring old Oklahoma, not any place exotic and cool like Iceland or the Canary Islands. But I am a non-IE user, so I guess I'm not entirely dull.

Enjoy the site. Keep up the good work. :)

Only 42 ? Keep up the excellent work and don't lose your motivation. I like your concept.

Australia an island? In that case, so's Antarctica... I live in Oz, anyway. I read the posts through an rss reader, or Firefox. Jolly engaging it can be too.

I'm from boring old Kentucky, not any place exotic and cool like Oklahoma. I am slowly, but surely becoming obsessed with constant attacks in the US on the teaching of evolution. I can not remember how I stumbled onto your blog . . . Pharyngula?

I didn't mean to deny Australia its continental status -- it's bigger than Pluto in maximum dimension, though not in area -- but thought it could also qualify as a really really big island. Antarctica too.

I also came in through Pharyngula. Sites like this one are what recently inspired me to start my own blog. Now I just need to stop waffling and start posting about science!

Keep up the good work

I'm a regular visitor from Texas.
I have you listed on my blogroll, but I only get around as many daily hits as you, so I'm afraid I don't boost your traffic much.

Still, I enjoy all of your posts, and I hope you keep up the good work!

Let's see... I'm from Sweden (exotic enough?), a Firefox user on a Mac and I found my way here from www.scienceblogs.com once upon a time... now I have you bookmarked.

I look forward to your posts every week and I read them greedily like a kid eats cookies. Keep up the nice job!

Finland (The land of Lordi and Santa Claus)

Regular reader. (And I know at least one another reader from Finland.)

Hmm... I probably represent the New Zealand contingent. Kia Ora!


I just stumbled upon you from "The Loom." Carl Zimmer's blog. As a fellow U of M staffer, I added you to my RSS list. I like what I see so far, perhaps I make it 43 now...

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