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Strange searches

Fellow science bloggers are discussing the strangest search terms that have led readers to their blogs. I haven't seen anything nearly as weird as what some report, just a few moderately strange ones:

"grants to support carpenter ant research"
"examples of week rocks" (maybe "weak" was meant?)
"opportunity cost essay" (there may be an annoyed economics student out there somewhere)
"disadvantages of shark-fin soup"
"scientists who contributed to the evolution of ecology" (only qualifies as strange because similar search came from two different IP addresses in the Philippines the same day; maybe a school assignment?)
"how plants and animals r useful to humans"
"weird scientific papers" (I think I'm offended by this one)
"this week in" (after TWI Amateur Radio, but before TWI Tech)
"Why should farmers know about evolution??" (not really a strange search, but made me wonder whether the searcher had any pre-existing bias on the question)


Interesting but off-topic comment deleted. Please feel free to repost in comments section of Troll Refuge and I will post something to alert readers to it, and to my reply there.

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