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Readers' Choice!

Today or tomorrow I'll be reviewing a paper suggested by a reader last week, but meanwhile there are lots of other recent papers that look interesting, at least to me....

Clicking on a title below should take you to the abstract, even if you don't have access to full text. If there's a paper you would particularly like me to discuss, leave a comment to that effect. If there's a quorum (at least 10 votes total), I'll review the paper with the most votes.

Molecular Phylogenetics of Mastodon and Tyrannosaurus rex

Availability of prey resources drives evolution of predator-prey interaction

Protein robustness promotes evolutionary innovations on large evolutionary time-scales

Darwinian Evolution on a Chip

The mechanism of sex ratio adjustment in a pollinating fig wasp

Host manipulation by parasites in the world of dead-end predators: adaptation to enhance transmission?

Selection on Major Components of Angiosperm Genomes

You are what your mother eats: evidence for maternal preconception diet influencing foetal sex in humans

Social transmission of nectar-robbing behaviour in bumble-bees

Feeding, fecundity and lifespan in female Drosophila melanogaster

Is it necessary to assume an apartheid-like social structure in Early Anglo-Saxon England?


I vote for Host manipulation by parasites (1st choice) or Darwinian evolution on a chip. They all look good, but Genomicron and others have already covered the T rex / mastadon paper, if that makes a difference!

I vote for "Darwinian Evolution on a Chip". (:

I vote for Angiosperm genomes.

I second the vote for host manipulation of parasites!

I vote for protein robustness

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