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I'm busy this week. Our last two grant proposals were rejected by NSF -- funding rates are down around 10% -- and my lab is almost out of money. (Some other time, I may address the question of whether there are too many good proposals, not enough money, or nonoptimum distribution of grants.) So I'm working on revised versions of those two proposals this week, with help from the grad students they would support. Then I have an overdue book chapter to revise before I can take time to blog, probably discussing more interesting talks at Evolution 2008. After that I have two interesting manuscripts sitting on my computer waiting for my input, one from a grad student in my lab and one from an Australian colleague I haven't met yet, before I can get into the lab and start some long-delayed experiments.

For those considering a faculty position at a research university, you do know that you will spend summers writing papers and grant proposals and (if you're lucky) doing research, not vacationing, right? On the other hand, I am rarely bored.


Good luck! (:


Links to advice to grad students in statistics.

Not enough money, would be my guess.

We recently got a grant from a non-NIH US government source that is funding at the 6% level. 6%!!!!

Good luck with the resubmissions.

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