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Off-topic: Jam Hound helps musicians improve their skills

When I was a grad student, I used to enjoy weekly play-along "jam sessions", where a group of people would get together and play old-time, bluegrass, or Celtic music. The better musicians were mostly pretty patient with us beginners, but I sometimes wished I could practice a bit beforehand, learning songs at my own speed. I could usually do fairly well on penny whistle, but could never keep up on banjo or hammer dulcimer. What I needed was Jam Hound, a free website set up by my brother, Glenn, a mandolin and guitar player and computer genius.

So far, the site includes:
* Rhythm Track Generator
* Ear Training
* Fingerboard Tutors
...mainly intended for musicians, including beginners, playing folk songs and fiddle tunes.

If you're interested, have a look and leave a comment if you have any suggestions for improvements.

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