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Wildlife and plants near Brisbane?

My wife and I will spend a few days in Brisbane between Christmas and New Years, before I go to the Applied Evolution Summit. Any suggestions for places to visit nearby? We like seeing new species of plants and animals.


Ford, I have lived in Brisbane, and by the time you are there, I will again.

There are a lot of nice high country areas worth a day's picnicking. Try Mount Nebo and beyond. Also, if you have a free day, the Steve Irwin "Australia Zoo" is actually a fund day - you can get close and personal with many Australian animals as well as the odd African megafauna.

There's a nice botanical garden at the base of the nearby Mount Cootha, where the planetarium also is. And at the peak is a restaurant and lookout over the city, where you can get good coffee and reasonable Kuche.

If you like, email me and we can chat closer to the time.

Just found your blog and reading it felt like it would make a good addition to scienceblogs.com which now hosts quite a few science bloggers. Moving to scienceblogs.com would be a good way to be read by a larger audience.

Application form is at: http://scienceblogs.com/newblogs/

Thanks for the suggestion. I don't reach that many readers each week (though more than I reached teaching), but this blog's Google rank is high enough I've assumed anyone interested probably knows about it. I get more readers when I post more often, but then I make slower progress on my book, my research, etc.

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