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A plague of "comments"

Here's a question for any fellow bloggers:

Has anyone else seen a huge increase in "comments" over the past few days?

These comments are mostly on older posts and are obviously intended to generate links to for-profit or crackpot websites. Usually there's some superficial reference to the post, enough to convince me the comment was left by a human, but not one with any particular expertise or interest in the topic of the post.

A quick Google search shows that people are selling this "service" for as little as 5 cents per "comment."

I am using Movable Type's "Report Spam" feature with these, hoping that will make it harder for them to spam others. Any other suggestions?


"there's some superficial reference to the post, enough to convince me the comment was left by a human" -they actually have some pretty good algorithms to give you that impression. Doubt it's actually done by humans.

It started a while ago, and there's nothing to be done except treat them as spam. Annoying, as ever.

I wish I had some suggestions for you, but I suffer from the same problem. I have a couple of blogs that I run, and they were pretty spam free until about six months ago.

It seems that I was somehow "discovered" by the spammers, and since then I have had to deal with all kinds of loosely related (if im lucky!) and spurious comments.

I have basically just been manually deleting them in batches, no fancy solutions. If you find any better ways I would love to know.

It seems like spambots tend to focus heavily on sites that they succeeded spamming before (that is, when they successfully published a spam comment, they go back and shoot). An idea would be to create hundreds of void sites and attracting spambots there by allowing their spam comments... What would be the treshold for this to be efficient and have them trapped into spamming these site while leaving other sites clean? I don't know, I don't even want to try... :-)

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