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Our publications for 2010

Denison, R.F. 2010. Past evolutionary tradeoffs represent opportunities for crop genetic improvement and increased human lifespan. Evolutionary Applications (on-line).

Ratcliff, W.C., R.F. Denison. 2010. Individual-level bet hedging in the bacterium Sinorhizobium meliloti. Current Biology (on-line).

Oono,R., R.F. Denison. 2010. Comparing symbiotic efficiency between swollen versus nonswollen rhizobial bacteroids. Plant Physiol. (on-line).

Denison, R.F., J.M. Fedders, B.L. Harter. 2010. Individual fitness versus whole-crop photosynthesis: solar tracking tradeoffs in alfalfa. Evolutionary Applications 3:466-472.

Oono,R., I. Schmitt, J.I. Sprent, and R.F. Denison. 2010. Multiple evolutionary origins of legume traits leading to extreme rhizobial differentiation. New Phytologist 187:508-520.

I'm trying to get caught up after a week at Glacier National Park, but plan to blog about some of these. We will be submitting another couple of papers soon, but I doubt that they'll be out this year.

Princeton University Press is waiting for a third review of my book, "Darwinian agriculture: where does nature's wisdom lie?" Of the first two, one was enthusiastic and detailed, the other sketchy and negative.

Research in my lab is supported by National Science Foundation grants NSF/DEB-0918897 and NSF/IOS-0918986.

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