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Grad school application deadlines in December

If you're thinking about grad school next year, it's time to get serious. Application deadlines for the two grad programs I'm associated with are both in December. You might want to read my thoughts on who should go to grad school first, though.

If that didn't scare you away, I still have some money left to support a student to work on the first of these two grants. Other topics are possible, but it's nice to work on something for which your major professor has a grant. You may be able to support yourself in grad school as a teaching assistant, but what about money for supplies?

Prospective grad students must apply to the grad program. In my case that would be:
Ecology Evolution and Behavior or else Plant Biology. If you want to be taken seriously by any grad program, you also need to identify specific professors you might want to work with and contact them individually -- after reading at least two of their recent papers. If the papers seem boring to you, you will probably hate working in that lab. Look elsewhere!

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