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This week's picks

Some recent papers that look interesting:

Crime and punishment in a roaming cleanerfish

Kin competition, natal dispersal and the moulding of senescence by natural selection

Learning in a game context: strategy choice by some keeps learning from evolving in others

Evolutionary rates of mitochondrial genomes correspond to diversification rates and to contemporary species richness in birds

Fitness Correlates of Heritable Variation in Antibody Responsiveness in a Wild Mammal

Middle Pleistocene lower back and pelvis from an aged human individual from the Sima de los Huesos site, Spain

Diet and hormonal manipulation reveal cryptic genetic variation: implications for the evolution of novel feeding strategies

Biogeographic and evolutionary implications of a diverse paleobiota in amber from the early Eocene of India

Colonization, mouse-style

Ecosystem-specific selection pressures revealed through comparative population genomics

Q&A: H1N1 pandemic influenza - what's new?

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