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Darwinian agriculture book, plant breeding meeting, grant on evolution of multicellularity...

Princeton University Press sent the third review of the draft for my book, "Darwinian agriculture: where does Nature's wisdom lie?" and needed my responses to all three reviews, so that's kept me too busy to blog this week. Sorry about that. Two of three reviews were enthusiastic, so I'm guessing the book will actually be published.

Next week, I'll be in Paris, talking to plant breeders interested in "organic and low-input" farming. I'm going to talk about evolutionary tradeoffs and associated opportunities, including our ideas for improving symbiotic nitrogen fixation and Jacob Weiner's ideas for crops that cooperate to suppress weeds. Someone emailed me saying the meeting (EUCARPIA) had more people wanting to attend than they could accommodate.

Mike Travisano, Will Ratcliff, Mark Borrello, and I got an NSF grant for experimental evolution of multicellularity. We already have some cool results, which I'll write about as soon as our first paper is published.

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