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So many papers, so little time

Here are the papers I'm considering this week. Any requests? Otherwise, I'll probably discuss one of my own recent papers, on the implications of evolutionary tradeoffs for agriculture and human health.
Why genes overlap in viruses

Identification of an ant queen pheromone regulating worker sterility

DDS, 4,4′-diaminodiphenylsulfone, extends organismic lifespan

Evolutionary history of partible paternity in lowland South America

The evolution of cultural adaptations: Fijian food taboos protect against dangerous marine toxins

Conditional Cooperation and Costly Monitoring Explain Success in Forest Commons Management

Periodic climate cooling enhanced natural disasters and wars in China during AD 10-1900

A climate for contemporary evolution

The evolution of menopause in cetaceans and humans: the role of demography

Prosocial behaviour emerges independent of reciprocity in cottontop tamarins

Fossilized glycolipids reveal past oceanic N2 fixation by heterocystous cyanobacteria


As sociologist with a deep interest in biology and evolution, I'd want to hear your take on "The evolution of cultural adaptations" or "Conditional Cooperation and Costly Monitoring" =)

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