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Almost finished revising Darwinian Agriculture

I'm busy finishing revisions to my book on Darwinian Agriculture. Meanwhile, here are some recent papers that look interesting:

Digit ratios predict polygyny in early apes, Ardipithecus
"Ardipithecus ramidus have [index to ring finger length] ratios consistent with polygynous extant species, whereas the ratio of Australopithecus afarensis is consistent with monogamous extant species"

Rapid, global demographic expansions after the origins of agriculture
"the invention of agriculture facilitated a fivefold increase in population growth relative to more ancient expansions of hunter-gatherers."

Maternal investment, life histories, and the costs of brain growth in mammals "evolutionary changes in pre- and postnatal brain growth correlate specifically with duration of the relevant phases of maternal investment (gestation and lactation)"

Adaptive human behavior in epidemiological models
"explicitly model the trade-offs that drive person-to-person contact decisions"

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