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This week's picks

Some of these papers look really interesting, but I'm trying to finish revisions to my book by the end of the month. We'll have a short Perspective in Science next Friday.

Modes of response to environmental change and the elusive empirical evidence for bet hedging [Cites our paper on bet-hedging in rhizobia.]

New behavioural trait adopted or rejected by observing heterospecific tutor fitness "the proportion of pied flycatcher females matching the choice of the tit tutor consistently increased with increasing number of offspring in the tit nest"

A latitudinal gradient in rates of evolution of avian syllable diversity and song length "evolutionary rates in traits important to reproductive isolation and speciation are influenced by latitude and have been fastest, not in the tropics where species diversity is highest, but towards the poles."

Late Carboniferous paleoichnology reveals the oldest full-body impression of a flying insect

Intracellular invasion of green algae in a salamander host "Fewer algal cells were detected in later-stage larvae through FISH [fluorescent in-situ hybridization labeling]"

Learning to live together: mutualism between self-splicing introns and their hosts

From the first intention movement to the last joiner: macaques combine mimetic rules to optimize their collective decisions "macaques vote and choose the majority. Individuals then join the movement according to a mimetism based on affiliative relationships"

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