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I'm back at work. With Darwinian Agriculture book "in production" at Princeton University Press, maybe I'll have more time to blog, assuming no relapse into septicemia. I'm also looking forward to spending a little time in the lab; it seems like all I've been doing lately is writing and revising. It's been a productive year, though, with the publications below and more in the works. Thanks to the US National Science Foundation for funding the research upon which these publications were based.

Denison, R.F., E.T. Kiers. 2011. Life histories of symbiotic rhizobia and mycorrhizal fungi. Current Biology (in press).

Ratcliff,W.C., R.F. Denison. 2011. Alternative actions for antibiotics. Science 332:547-548.

Oono, R., C.G. Anderson, R.F. Denison. 2011. Failure to fix nitrogen (N2) by nonreproductive symbiotic rhizobia triggers host sanctions that reduce fitness of their reproductive clonemates. Proceedings of the Royal Society B (on-line 1/2011).

Kiers, E.T., R.F. Denison, A. Kawakita, E.A. Herre. 2011. The biological reality of host sanctions and partner fidelity. Proc. National Academy of Sciences (on-line 1/2011).

Ratcliff, W.C., R.F. Denison. 2011. Bacterial persistence and bet hedging in Sinorhizobium meliloti. Communicative and Integrative Biology 4:1-3.

Denison, R.F. 2011. Past evolutionary tradeoffs represent opportunities for crop genetic improvement and increased human lifespan. Evolutionary Applications 4:216-214.

Hendry,A.P., M.T. Kinnison, M. Heino, T. Day, T.B. Smith, G. Fitt, C.T. Bergstrom, J. Oakeshott, P.S. Jørgensen, M.P. Zalucki, G. Gilchrist, S. Southerton, A. Sih, S. Strauss, R.F. Denison, S.P. Carroll. 2011. Evolutionary principles and their practical application. Evolutionary Applications 4:159-183.

Thrall,P.H., J.G. Oakeshott, G. Fitt, S. Southerton, J.J. Burdon, A. Sheppard, R.J. Russell, M. Zalucki, M. Heino, R.F. Denison. 2011. Evolution in agriculture: the application of evolutionary approaches to the management of biotic interactions in agro-ecosystems. Evolutionary Applications 4:200-215.

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