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Science tourism: transit of Venus

Venus doesn't pass between the Earth and the sun very often.
Transits in 1761 and 1769 -- they occur in widely-spaced pairs -- were used to make the first accurate estimates of the size of the solar system.

If you missed it in 2004, June 5 of 2012 is your last chance, unless you expect to be alive in 2117.
Here's some useful information, if you want to plan to see it.


Cool I'm looking forward for this, because I'm afraid year 2117 is not an option for me :)

Wow, I'm also looking forward for this date because I don't know if I'm still alive on 2117.


wow .... why did this happen?
however, I can not prove it because I would have been died ..
hehe ...

Transit of Venus who is gonna be alive in 2117. i have to get on to see it.

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