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This week's picks

High Relatedness Is Necessary and Sufficient to Maintain Multicellularity in Dictyostelium

Evolution of a mimicry supergene from a multilocus architecture
Cause and Effect in Biology Revisited: Is Mayr's Proximate-Ultimate Dichotomy Still Useful?

Trophic network structure emerges through antagonistic coevolution in temporally varying environments


I haven't read the Laland et al. article on Mayr's proximate/ultimate paradigm--only the precis; however, I will risk saying that, until more is known about what we mean by the "new biology" (Rose & Oakley 2007 Biology Direct 2), Schoener's recent Review (2011 Science 331) is probably as far as it is wise to venture on the topic for now: Ecological DynamicsEvolutionary Dynamics.

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