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This week's picks

Promiscuous mating produces offspring with higher lifetime fitness
"adult male offspring sired via extra-pair matings are more likely to sire extra-pair offspring (EPO) themselves... female EPO [extra-pair offspring, as in "that CEO is a real EPO"] benefited primarily through enhanced fecundity"

Repeatability and Contingency in the Evolution of a Key Innovation in Phage Lambda

The take-it-or-leave-it option allows small penalties to overcome social dilemmas

Mothers modify eggs into shields to protect offspring from parasitism

Reconciling long-term cultural diversity and short-term collective social behavior

A micro-geography of fear: learning to eavesdrop on alarm calls of neighbouring heterospecifics
"superb fairy-wrens... fled to cover to playback of noisy miner,,, alarm calls only in locations where miners were present [Australians sure know how to name birds!]"

The peopling of Europe and the cautionary tale of Y chromosome lineage R-M269 "existing data and tools are insufficient to make credible estimates for the age of this haplogroup"

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