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Two upcoming meetings

The Society for Molecular Ecology and Evolution is holding their annual meeting June 23-26, in Dublin. Two graduate students from the lab of Mike Travisano, with whom I collaborate, will discuss their recent research:

On Monday, June 25th, Maria Rebolleda-Gomez will speak on the: "Molecular basis of increased evolvability as a result of multicellularity evolution"

On Tuesday, June 26th, Johnathon Fankhauser will discuss: "Decoding the genomic and transcriptional changes underlying the transition to multicellularity in experimentally-evolved Saccharomyces cerevisiae."

At the same meeting, Chelsea Du Fresne, an undergrad, will present poster 2386: Emergence of multicellular novelty

Next comes the 1st Joint Congress in Evolutionary Biology, July 6-11 in Ottawa.

On July 7, Will Ratcliff will speak on "Evolution of accelerated aging after the transition to multicellularity"

That evening, Mike Travisano will present a poster titled "Re-evolving the Volvox?"

On Sunday, July 8, I will speak on "Measuring effects of symbiosis on fitness of legumes and rhizobia."

My new book on "Darwinian Agriculture" will supposedly be available at the Ottawa meeting, at the Princeton University Press table, if anyone wants an autographed copy.

The MicroPop (Microbial Population Biology) website has more information on our current research.

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