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Evolution 2012, people

I am having fun at Evolution 2012 in Ottawa. Lots of great talks and poster presentations - see recent posts -- and discussions with interesting people. Last night I had dinner with several well-known bloggers: Larry Moran of Sandwalk, Carl Zimmer of The Loom, and Ryan Gregory of Genomicron. Unfortunately, I got in too late on Friday to join a group that also included Rosie Redfield of RRResearch (making a big splash debunking "the arsenic paper") and Jerry Coyne of Why Evolution is True. Imagine discussing evolution with the authors of two of the first three books cited in my just-published book on Darwinian Agriculture.

Tonight, dinner was with two of my former colleagues (and neighbors) from UC Davis, Rick Grosberg and Sharon Strauss, their new colleague Johanna Schmidt -- we figured out that we had met 40 years ago -- and various associates. Running for the elevator, back at my hotel, I discovered that the helpful couple holding the door for me were Rosemary and Peter Grant. Discussions with younger colleagues, like Maren Friesen (working on legumes and rhizobia) and Jon Sanders (studying bacterial symbionts of ants and deep-sea clams), have also been great. They all seem to be making impressive progress on interesting and important research. Let's keep funding the National Science Foundation, which is supporting much of this work.

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