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Thousands protest suppression of science in Canada -- the "Death of Evidence" rally

Ford @OttawaDemonstration.jpg
Photo by Larry Moran.

While in Ottawa, I went to hear speakers protesting the "Death of Evidence", in front of Parliament. They argued that:

The only scientific evidence the Mr. Harper wants the public to know about is that which supports his political objectives and ideology. That's not science, that's propaganda.
One example was defunding the Experimental Lakes research site. A speaker gave a long list of important discoveries made there (effects of phosphate detergents, acid rain, etc.) and argued that the loss of funds was motivated by politics (fear of how factual results from the research would reflect on government policies) rather than cost-effectiveness.

I happened to be carrying the poster Princeton University Press used to promote my Darwinian Agriculture book at the Evolution 2012 meetings. I was tempted to title this post "Thousands Demand Darwinian Agriculture", but refrained.

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