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Using "Darwinian Agriculture" for a seminar class?

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Although my just-published book is...

* More profusely illustrated than The Origin of Species
* Better-referenced than Collapse
* Somewhat cheaper than the Encyclopedia Galactica

...it's probably too opinionated and not comprehensive enough to work well as a textbook. But a few people have suggested that they might want to use it for a seminar. I think that could work well and am wondering what sort of help from me might be useful.

Within reason, I would be happy to :
* Supply images (pictures and graphs) that could be useful in discussions.
* Answer questions from instructors via email.
* Host Google Hangout discussions (if 3-4 seminars could agree on a time).

Any interest in these or other ideas? I'm assuming that even people who might be interested mostly haven't read the book yet, so this may be premature...


I hope that G+ Hangouts will be open to lurkers.

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