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Quorum sensing, rabid bats, birds, and pigs

Bacterial quorum sensing, cooperativity, and anticipation of stationary-phase stress "QS allows individuals to anticipate and survive stationary-phase stress."

Optimality and robustness in quorum sensing (QS)-mediated regulation of a costly public good enzyme "exoenzyme production is overall advantageous only if initiated at a sufficiently high density."

Variable evolutionary routes to host establishment across repeated rabies virus host shifts among bats "few sites exhibited repeated evolution across adaptation to many bat species, suggesting diverse genetic determinants over host range"

The genomic landscape of species divergence in Ficedula flycatchers "approximately 50 'divergence islands' showing up to 50-fold higher sequence divergence than the genomic background"

Strong signatures of selection in the domestic pig genome "strong signatures of selection at three loci harboring quantitative trait loci that explain a considerable part of one of the most characteristic morphological changes in the domestic pig--the elongation of the back and an increased number of vertebrae"

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