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This week's picks

Radiocarbon dates from the Grotte du Renne and Saint-Césaire support a Neandertal origin for the Châtelperronian "production of body ornaments in the CP postdates the arrival of modern humans in neighboring regions of Europe. This new behavior could therefore have been the result of cultural diffusion from modern to Neandertal groups. "

Hornwort pyrenoids, carbon[dioxide]-concentrating structures, evolved and were lost at least five times during the last 100 million years "The nonsynchronous appearance of pyrenoid-containing clades, the successful diversification of pyrenoid-lacking clades during periods with low [CO2], and the maintenance of pyrenoids during episodes of high [CO2] all argue against the previously proposed relationship between pyrenoid origin and low [CO2]. "

Convergent Evolution Between Insect and Mammalian Audition "katydids and mammals, have evolved a series of convergent solutions to common biophysical problems"

Metazoan opsin evolution reveals a simple route to animal vision
"Placozoa have opsins"

Evolutionary biology: Birds of a feather

Spontaneous motion in hierarchically assembled active matter

Animal behaviour: Personality in the wild

Evidence for Early Hafted Hunting Technology

Allard's argument versus Baker's contention for the adaptive significance of selfing in a hermaphroditic fish

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