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This week's picks

Here are some papers that look interesting this week. See also my Darwinian Agriculture blog

Stable isotope evidence of meat eating and hunting specialization in adult male chimpanzees "sex differences in food acquisition and consumption may have persisted throughout hominin evolution, rather than being a recent development"

New World cattle show ancestry from multiple independent domestication events "pre-Columbian introgression of genes from African cattle into southern Europe"

Key role for a glutathione transferase in multiple-herbicide resistance in grass weeds "When the black-grass A. myosuroides (Am) AmGSTF1 was expressed in Arabidopsis thaliana, the transgenic plants acquired resistance to multiple herbicides"

Potential shortfall of pyramided transgenic cotton for insect resistance management "results from 21 selection experiments with eight species of lepidopteran pests indicates that some cross-resistance typically occurs between Cry1A and Cry2A toxins."

The Upper Limb of Australopithecus sediba "use of the forelimb primarily for prehension and manipulation appears to arise later, likely with the emergence of Homo erectus" [There are several articles on A. sediba in this issue.]

Achieving the triple bottom line in the face of inherent trade-offs among social equity, economic return, and conservation "three very different case studies in California (United States), Raja Ampat (Indonesia), and the wider Coral Triangle region (Southeast Asia). We show that equity tends to trade off nonlinearly with the potential to achieve conservation objectives, such that similar conservation outcomes can be possible with greater equity, to a point."

Decreased water flowing from a forest amended with calcium silicate "An unexpected outcome of the Ca amendment was a change in watershed hydrology; annual evapotranspiration increased by 25%, 18%, and 19%, respectively, for the 3 y following treatment before returning to pretreatment levels. "

Responses of Mn2+ speciation in Deinococcus radiodurans and Escherichia coli to γ-radiation by advanced paramagnetic resonance "extreme radiation resistance of D. radiodurans cells cannot be attributed to SodA"

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