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Cooperation => deception?

Cooperation creates selection for tactical deception [Open Access] "cooperation can create selection pressures favouring the evolution of... deception weakening cheater detection in conditional cooperators"
They present a model and supporting data showing a positive correlation between cooperativeness and deception in nonhuman primates. With a broader definition of deception, this could apply to species without brains. For example, rhizobia bacteria that simply fail to provide their legume hosts with nitrogen get hit with plant sanctions that reduce their fitness, but rhizobia that interfere with a plant's internal signaling can get away with cheating.

Also this week:

Nanoscale analysis of pyritized microfossils reveals differential heterotrophic consumption in the ∼1.9-Ga Gunflint chert "Three-dimensional nanotomography reveals additional pyritized biomaterial, including hollow, cellular epibionts and extracellular polymeric substances, showing a preference for attachment to Gunflintia over Huroniospora and interpreted as components of a saprophytic heterotrophic, decomposing community. " 1.9-billion-year-old fossils? Isn't that 1.899994 billion years before the earth was created?

Adaptive dynamics under development-based genotype-phenotype maps"
Evolution: Stuck between the teeth"
"developmental complexity often prevents natural selection from reaching optimal fitness when fitness is directly linked to attaining a particular phenotype, but that these 'adaptive peaks' can be reached when fitness is instead linked to functional properties of the phenotype.

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