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This week's picks

Oxytocin blunts social vigilance in the rhesus macaque "reduced species typical social vigilance for unfamiliar, dominant, and emotional faces"

Evolutionary lag times and recent origin of the biota of an ancient desert (Atacama-Sechura) "Chaetanthera and Malesherbia (plants) and Liolaemus (animal) invaded arid regions of the Atacama-Sechura Desert in the last 10 million years, some 20 million years after the initial onset of aridity in the region... many lineages may require very long time scales to adapt to modern desertification and climatic change. "

Diversification through multitrait evolution in a coevolving interaction "more than a thousand plant species are pollinated exclusively by insects specialized to lay their eggs in the flowers they pollinate.... The lack of known intermediate stages in most of these mutualisms, however, makes it difficult to understand whether these interactions could have begun to diversify even before they became reciprocally obligate. Experimental studies of the incompletely obligate interactions between woodland star (Lithophragma; Saxifragaceae) plants and their pollinating floral parasites in the moth genus Greya (Prodoxidae) show that, as these lineages have diversified, the moths and plants have evolved in ways that maintain effective oviposition and pollination."

Comparative transcriptomics reveals patterns of selection in domesticated and wild tomato "footprints of positive selection in over 50 genes... thousands of shifts in gene-expression level, many of which resulted from changes in selection pressure... commonly associated with environmental response and stress tolerance."

Fossil Musculature of the Most Primitive Jawed Vertebrates "placoderm data suggest that neck musculature evolved together with a dermal joint between skull and shoulder girdle, not as part of a broadly flexible neck as in sharks"

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