March 10, 2007

Troll refuge may prevent local extinction

I reserve my blog-given right to delete off-topic comments -- except in this Troll Refuge. "Comments" whose only purpose is to link to a commercial or crackpot site will generally be deleted everywhere. This is a free service to people who may not realize they are crackpots.

Comments immune from deletion outside the Troll Refuge are either:
1) comments on the particular paper-of-the-week, or
2) suggestions for papers to discuss that meet the criteria in my first post.

"But", you may say, "I've got this great proof that evolution is all wrong! This scientist said something that could be interpreted as inconsistent with some aspect of evolutionary theory! That proves that both versions of the creation story in Genesis (cattle and trees created before and after humans) are literally true, doesn't it?"

If the scientist said it in a peer-reviewed paper published in the last month and containing new data, you can suggest it as a paper of the week. Otherwise, post your proof here in the Troll Refuge.

The comments section for this entry is also the place to whine about censorship, or to complain about my failure to delete someone else's comment that you think is off-topic. Off-topic comments attached to other entries are subject to deletion, or, if particularly amusing, transfer to this troll refuge, possibly with appropriate editing. Trolls repeatedly posting outside the refuge will be banished.

Troll hunters are welcome in the refuge, too. This may seem cruel, but we need to keep the population below carrying capacity. However, no firearms will be allowed, only sticks and stones. And words, of course.