July 20, 2009

Join my lab?

I hope to welcome one or possibly two new graduate students in autumn 2010. Here's the summary I wrote for the Ecology, Evolution and Behavior web page:

Research inspired by W.D. Hamilton's ideas, often using microcosms and noncharismatic microfauna: evolution of cooperation and conflict in legume-rhizobium symbiosis (New Phytologist 2009), longevity-vs.-reproduction tradeoff as a possible explanation for hormesis etc. (PLoS One 2009), and agricultural implications of past and ongoing natural selection (Q. Rev. Biol. 2003 and forthcoming book).
I also accept students in the Plant Biology grad program. The heading on their web page (as of 20 July 2009), "Are you wondering how to finance your graduate education?", may put too much emphasis on money rather than science. However, so far, they have been unusually generous in financial support for grad students, providing first-year and summer stipends, paying for meeting travel, etc. Also, unlike most Plant Biology programs, their vision extends beyond molecular biology of Arabidopsis, with significant strength in evolution and in legume (especially Medicago) symbiosis. So students interested in plants should consider both programs.