July 20, 2006

Innovative Life Designs

Becky Mooney is an MLS alum who completed her degree in August 2005. Her business, Innovative Life Designs, offers assistance to those going through intentional life transitions. This company was born from her experience as a psychology advisor, her BA in psychology, and the coursework through the Master's of Liberal Studies. Her MLS program combined courses through Educational Psychology's Counseling program, the Center for Spirituality and Healing, Adult Education and Innovative Studies.

Becky will give special discounts to MLS students as she understands and is excited by the unique transitional options open to MLS students.

Becky Mooney, MLS
Innovative Life Designs

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Announcing: Unofficial MLS/MALS Networking Directory

We would like to announce that the Dangerous Chair Society will begin a new unofficial MLS and MALS directory system. This system will give liberal studies students and alumni the opportunity to have their independent businesses listed on our blog.

Please send your business name, contact information, and a small blurb about your services to misty_blue_moon@hotmail.com to be listed on our blog.

We look forward to helping each other connect and network. We hope to promote each other’s businesses through the strength of MLS/MALS students and alumni.

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Conference Cancellation

It appears that this is not the right time for a Liberal Studies conference. We are postponing all current plans for the Liberal Studies conference. We may re-approach the subject in the Fall and see if we find new, and enlivened interest.

However, this does not reflect poorly on our group. We have a group of dynamic individuals all with uniquely busy lives with varying commitments across the board. This was a large undertaking and several members have given up valuable time and effort in an attempt to lift the conference onto its feet. For this, I greatly appreciate each of you! Thank you for your time, efforts, and commitments to the conference idea. I hope to continue to see you all at Vera’s to share your lives, your smiles, your intellectual endeavors, and your brilliance.

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June 26, 2006

LS Conference Meeting Update 6/25/06

After much speculation and concern, Roslye assures us that our agreement for the space with Hamline is still solid and we look forward to an update from her at our next meeting.

At yesterday's meeting we affirmed Donna Mae as our treasurer. She is curious to know what the activity level will be. We know that Joan is working on PayPal, but are unsure what that means for our treasurer. We assured her that we will need a treasurer as there will be bills to pay and hopefully some corporate donors to track on top of the PayPal issue. Donna Mae will begin checking into different types of accounts and begin signing us up for one.

Jan Marie mentioned that Joan was able to find someone to help us with PayPal. I do have a friend willing to work with us on the website, but we need to decide on adequate compensation to offer him. He will be able to set up PayPal, forms, and proposals to the link. We will also need to wait for our logo to be decided upon.

Although Diane was not present, we are looking forward to seeing her designs at the next meeting.

We are hoping that Joan and Gayle will soon be able to distill the call for proposals into a promotional flier to give to the MLS office soon. We are not sure when the MLS newsletter will come out, but they should be in touch with Connie on this issue.

At our next meeting we are hoping to find out more from Roslye about the space and possible food issues at Hamline. We are hoping to have a Logo review and also discuss the website cost estimate. We will also get a report from Donna Mae about the status of our bank set up.

We would very much like to reach out to the Hamline students. We would like to ask our Hamiline affiliates to suggest a coffee shop or space near Hamline and a better date/time for our next meeting. We have tentatively set the meeting for Sunday, 7/16/06 at 1pm at Vera's. However, we would very much like to accommodate the MALS students in feeling welcome and included. We are also finding that Sunday afternoons are not the best times for these meetings during the summer months. Perhaps a week-night or early Saturday morning would work better.

Please be sure to send us any feed back, ideas, offers of support, or concerns that you may have.

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May 22, 2006

Liberal Studies Conference Update

Many exciting things came from the conference planning committee meeting this past Sunday (May 21st, 2006). Although DonnaMae was getting on a plane for Ireland as we met, we could feel her there in spirit. The discussions surrounded many things and are broken down below. Please keep in mind that we are still welcoming volunteers willing to work on different portions of the project! Event Planners welcome!! We would love to have you all involved as our MLS & MALS student body and alums are the engines and drivers of this conference.

Food: Roslye will be checking with Hamline regarding options for us, (catering from within, catering from outside, and use of the deli). Becky will get a cost estimate from Kafe 421.

Performances: Sarah, Roslye and Donna Mae will try to contact specific students whom they know were involved in performance related Liberal Studies projects. We are hoping to have an opening performance on Friday night and an closing performance on Saturday night.

Gallery: Again, Sarah, Roslye and Donna Mae will try to contact specific students whom they know were involved in visual Liberal Studies projects to display their works in the entrance gallery.

Call for Proposals: Gayle, Joan, Roslye and Dianne will work on the call for proposals for the performers, the visual projects, as well as the presentations. A leaflet will be made and hopefully be inserted into the next Newsletters put out by MLS. We will also have these turned into the MALS & MLS offices for advertising. Becky will contact MLS to confirm then inclusion of the call of proposals in the MLS newsletter.

Website: Becky will search for a web developer to set up a website. We are hoping to have both the registration and proposals come through this website.

PayPal: Joan will look into PayPal and will work with the web developer in attaching the PayPal option to the website for registration purposes.

Finances: Joan and Donna Mae will work to set up an account as well as don the finances for the event.

National Audience: Becky will notify and confer with AGLSP on advertising for this events. We are hoping to get some proposals nationally as well as attendees.

Corporate Sponsorship & Support: Anyone with possible connections to corporations who might be interested in supporting, advertising and/or helping to sponsor the conference should contact Becky Mooney (misty_blue_moon@hotmail.com) to connect.

Schedule: Friday, February 23rd & Saturday, February 24th, 2007
Friday -
6:00pm Registration
7:300pm Performance

Saturday -
8:30 - 9am Registration
9am-10:15am Session I
10:15am - 10:35am Break
10:35am - 11:40am Session II
Noon - 1:30 LUNCH
1:30pm - 2:45pm Session III
2:45pm - 3:05pm Break
3:05pm - 4:25pm Session IV
6pm - 7:00pm DINNER
7pm - 9:30pm Performance & Closing

If you have any suggestions or would like to offer your assistance or expertise, please feel free to contact me at: misty_blue_moon@hotmail.com

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April 9, 2006

Conference Update 4/9/06

Regarding the "ACADEMIC & CREATIVE CONNECTIONS: The World of Liberal Studies" Festival:

The site is set for Hamiline University. This space will allow us to have free access to a large lecture hall that has a stage, approx. 150 seats, AV Equipment, & a large screen. We will also have access to a lunch room that can be set up according to our needs. We will also have access to at least 8 break-out rooms.

The dates are Friday night 2/23/07 & all day on Saturday 2/24/07. The schedule for Saturday has been set which allows for registration/gathering in the morning, 2 break out sessions in both the morning and afternoon, good conversation times between sessions, lunch, and a dinner with performance.

Darcy LaVigne is our official photographer for the event and Joan Gilmore will be senting out the call for proposals soon.

Next Meetings will be Sundays from 1pm-2pm on 4/23/06, 5/7/06 & 5/21/06

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April 7, 2006

Agenda for This Week's Conference Meeting

Greetings all--

We have exciting information about locations and dates for the conference. And we must make decisions this weekend. Please do come to the meeting at 1pm at Vera's to hear the latest and greatest and to participlate in decision making.

Our agenda for this meeting is

1) Determine date and location for the Conference

2) Refine the budget based on the decisions we make about location

3) Determine a timeline for the other tasks that need to be done--especially when we want to send out the call for presentations and the due date for proposals.

See you on Sunday!!!

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Potential Locations for the Conference

Greetings all,

We now have concrete information on potential locations for the Academic & Creative Connections Conference. More detai will be given at the meeting on Sunday, April 9 (at 1pm at Vera's).

Our two choices are

St. Thomas in St. Paul and Hamline University

We will review dates available (St. Thomas in January and Hamline in February) and cost.


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March 2, 2006

Notes: Feb 19, 2005 1-2pm

"ACADEMIC & CREATIVE CONNECTIONS: The World of Liberal Studies" is the name chosen for our winter 2007 conference to showcase and celebrate the work of students in the University of Minnesota's MLS program and those in Hamline's MALS program. Seven folks gathered at Vera's to continue planning for an event to begin with Friday evening performance art, continue with Saturday presentations and round tables, and conclude with a Saturday evening party. This is seen as the premier of an annual interdisciplinary conference that will help student and alum participants connect with each other and integrate their ideas. It will also demonstrate the joy of intellectual inquiry to friends and community. The MLS Student Association has agreed to be a sponsor and hopes to contribute some funds (to be determined, but not major). Mary R. indicated to Sarah that the Hamline group will also sponsor; Roslye will reconnect and clarify their commitment.

After brainstorming and choosing a name, we indicated desire for a logo that shows connections, perhaps in a collage. Location is seen as an important determiner of dates and cost of the event. We are looking for space for 200-300 for plenary sessions and 5-6 breakout rooms. Parking are food requirements will also be considered in the decision. No Hamline representative was present; Roslye will check on space availability. She reported that the Weisman Museum will not work, but will check out Metro State and Open Book on Washington Ave. Joan G. will look into Hennepin Avenue Methodist, Plymouth Congregational and St. Thomas spaces. Linda L. will assess First Univeralist Church suitability. Jan Marie will contact the Continuing Education Center on St. Paul campus of the U. Melissa will survey the Textile Center on University Ave. Someone will check on the Playright Center.

The next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, March 19 at 1pm at Vera's to determine best location and preferred dates, draft a tentative budget, and begin a timeline. All are welcomed in the planning process!

-Jan Marie

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January 19, 2006

January 15th Planning Meeting

The turn out for the first meeting for our winter 2007 conference was quite impressive--twelve people in all. We had students, alumni, and faculty from the U, Hamline, and the community as well. There were many great ideas put on the table and lots excitment about the possibilities. The hour went by quite quickly and we came to agreement on a number of topics:

First: We need a clear vision of what we are doing. This includes deciding on a title as well as developing a concise statement of what the conference will be. This will serve us as we make decisions and adjust to the expected as it arises. It will also be very useful as we solicit support from the community and potential corporate sponsors.

Second: We developed a priliminary list of important areas for planning: vision, budgeting/funding, location, conference coordination (scheduling, food, facility coordination, registration, etc.), proposal solicitation and selection, and PR.

Third: Meeting schedule--The third Sunday of each month from 1 to 2pm. Time may expand and meeting become more frequent as we progress in the planning process.

Fourth: Agenda for the next two meetings--Feb 19: Vision and conference statement; March 19: Budgeting and financing.

Fifth: Location. Location will likely drive a number of other decisions including the exact date. Two members of the group have agreed to research facilities at both the U and Hamline and they will report at the Feb 19 meeting.

The discussion was quite lively and it was very clear that we have some core values in common that will guide us in planning the conference:

* The purpose of the conference is to showcase the work of MALS/MLS students and alumni

* The conference should be as inclusive as possible, open to the full range of creative work and art as well as academic/intellectual work of students and alumni

* Everyone is welcome in the planning process and in attending the conference, including potential students and members of the community

The next meeting will be held at Vera's on Feb. 19 from 1 to 2pm and everyone is welcome to come, even if you have missed the previous meetings--


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