July 18, 2006

Upcoming Events

Greetings all!

The library tour is on!
Meet in Wilson Library (it is next to the Humphrey Center where our class meets) at 6pm. The librarian (Jerilyn Veldof) has reserved room s30c. It is in the basement. For those of you not familiar with Wilson, I encourage you to stop at the info desk and ask directions.

We are on for MIA . . . meet at 10 on Saturday by the cafe (there are tables under the stairwell). To get there, enter through the 3rd street entrance. Go directly in, passed the gift shop and information desk. The cafe seating area is directly ahead of you.

June 29, 2006


Hi there--
This is our current syllabus. Remember we can and probably will change some things--like adding in the common readings as we did this week.


Intro Syllabus
Download file

June 28, 2006

Common Reading Book Information

Please post, as a comment, information on our common readings her. Our selections are:

Walker Appeal

Shark Dialogues


I look forward to reading these books with you,


June 27, 2006

Thesis, Topic, and Focus

Here are a couple of power point presentations that we will be talking about in class related to defining the ideas of thesis, topic, and focus. They are here so that you can review them as you like.


Thesis, Topic, and Focus
Download file

Thesis and Structure of a Paper
Download file

Diana Hacker's Grammar Website

Here is the web site that Tiffany told us about in class. It has exercises and rules related to basic grammar issues. Feel free to use it as needed.


June 23, 2006

Post your blog address here

Please post the URL to your blog here.

Thank you,

June 6, 2006

Welcome To LS 8100 Summer 2006

Welcome to the summer MLS Introduction to Interdisciplinary Study class.

You will find blogging to be a useful way to think 'aloud' about the materials in the class as well as a way to see, inspire, and be inspired by the work of others.

Within the first week or so, we will have everyone's blog address listed here and it will be an easy short-cut to reading the other class blogs. Please feel free to experiment with the various features of the blog software. If you run into problems, use the help link on the UThink main page, ask others in the class, or me. We are all learning about blogging together so don't feel shy about asking questions.

You will also find entries here on writing and research. I will post articles, examples, and helpful hints here on a regular basis. Sometimes you will ask a question in class or via e-mail and I'll post a response here--that way everyone can take advantage of your curiosity.

Ultimately, this class is a community of thinkers and community for inquiry. Your participation, via your blog, your comments on other blogs, and in class is not only welcome but essential.

So, welcome and welcome again!!