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Upcoming Events

Greetings all!

The library tour is on!
Meet in Wilson Library (it is next to the Humphrey Center where our class meets) at 6pm. The librarian (Jerilyn Veldof) has reserved room s30c. It is in the basement. For those of you not familiar with Wilson, I encourage you to stop at the info desk and ask directions.

We are on for MIA . . . meet at 10 on Saturday by the cafe (there are tables under the stairwell). To get there, enter through the 3rd street entrance. Go directly in, passed the gift shop and information desk. The cafe seating area is directly ahead of you.


I enjoyed the library "tour" and that ref works is amazing. I found out though that my MS Works doesn't work with writeNcite, you have to have MS Word. So I guess I have to go buy a copy. It will probably be worth it in the long run. I was quite proud of myself for managing to find the articles (again) that I found in class and put them in refworks. I guess my brain cels aren't completely dead!

I too am in awe of the massive resources available at the touch of a finger, now if I can only find that one article on ILL....

Thanks Sarah for the tip about the software. I was able to get it through the U tech mart for a song. I downloaded Office 2003, writeNcite and I
m good to go! (I now have no excuses for a poor paper!

Thanks too for the trip to the Art Institute. I hadn't been in a museum since I was in Seville. It is a lovely place and it was interesting to see what everyone's favorites were. I was particularly pleased and interested to see the Haudausaune (Iroquois) beadwork and the other textiles and crafts. About the time Amanda was a gleam in her mom's eye, I worked for the American Crafts Council and Museum in NYC. There I was first exposed to fiber arts as well as the other media, clay, metal, wood and glass. They held a crafts fair (National) every year and it was the most wonderful experience. It was incredible to see the amazing amount of really talented craftspeople with innovative design. I don't know if the ACC still exhists but it was a great annual show.