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After going through the first reading, I had a lot of mixed feelings about my volunteering assignment. The area within the reading that sticks with me the most is the part that discusses leaving your differences at the door. Sometimes it's hard for me to remeber that we're helping people out who are not at the highest parts of their them, we probally seem very fortinuate, and maybe even spoiled. After addressing some of the issues regarding cultural and finacial differences, I started realizing that there will probally be many challenges coming my way throughout the semester regarding these issues in my volunteering experience. For example, I choose to volunteer at the basketball program for young teens in gangs. I have no experience what so ever with the city life, and especially not street fighting and gangs. I need to be very aware on how I present myself, and understand that the people I will be mentoring come from a very different background then I do, and that it will be a learning experience for the both of us. I need to also be aware about how I represent myself, to ensure that the people I am dealing with focus on the things I have to offer instead of how I appear and the sterotypes that go along with that image. I too need to be aware. I am now prepared and to go into this volunteering experience with an open mind, and am very excited to be in a new learning enviroment.