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fifth blog

From reading both of the books, the consistancy that I see that sticks out in my head is the ongoing reality that these young kids are forced to grow up long before their time. The things that these kids are exposed to (drugs, violence, sex, ect.) are things that a childs precious innocence shouldn't be aware of for quite sometime. The fact that these kids are being soiled is only a small portion of their problems. Many of their parents are klled or incarserated, leaving their other parent (usually their mom) as a single parent, trying to raise multiple children work a job, and think about keeping their kids out of trouble. One part of a reading from 'our america' was very striking when two children in kindergarden brought crack to school. Their almost 1/4 my age, and have held more drugs in there hands then I would ever think aboout. It's just a weird concept. Adding onto that, I also saw a strong connection between education. It's obvious that schools in the ghetto would have little to no funding for education, but its just plane pathetic when a ten year old boy still doesn't know how to read...the schools are failing these kids
and I think that they deserve a better chance then that!