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week seven

since last week, there have been a lot of changes with my volunteering. Elizabeth and I went down to North Minneapolis on Wednesday of last week for our training. It was quite the experience...we got lost trying to find where to enter, and we wondered around broadway for about twenty minutes. We were the only white people I saw the whole time on the streets. After we found the meeting, and sat in with the people from the peace foundation, Liz and I were very excited to contribute to the organization. We set up a meeting with Jimmy on Thursday, and we again took the bus but this time Emerson and Bryant. Our meeting was at 4:30, but we didn't get there untill 5:30 because we got so lost! we took the bus back and forth three times untill we found the correct cross street. once we got there, we saw how true it was that project take back was st ar t ing from ground zero. We helped them lay out a plan for what we would be doing with our volunteering, and even discussed some fundraiser options. Liz and I are both very excited to help out this organization. Jimmy is going to be picking us up from now on, and everytime we go, they are going to give us more things to work on...we will work on the things at our dorms, then when we go next, we will work on things there, and take things home with us agian. We both feel that this is an effective way to get a lot of things done for them. They seem to be appreciative, which is nice. I'm overall very excited to be working with project take back!!