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week 8

Not much has changed sense my last blog. Liz and I visited the 'Take Back' sight on Wednesday, and discussed what they would be talking to us about, but were unable to conduct the interview because we were doing so many other things. We brought them lots of office suppllies like staplers, and post-it-notes. We also brought them cookies to snack on ;). We started them on a filing system, with a file for each person/and their team. We also typed up more things on rules for the office, and general criteria for the kids to follow. I feel like Liz and I are making a large contribution to the success of Project Take Back, and it's extremly rewarding. We are visiting them again on Wednesday, and we hope to conduct the interview then, as well as bring back the typing assignments that they have given us. I decided, with their help, that I am going to conduct my interview/focus my paper on gangs and gang violence. I have posted my questions on Web CT, but I also think that the interview in itself with sprout other questions that I have regarding those same topics.