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David Brooks "Bobos"

Once again I enjoyed the reading this week. It was the total opposite, if you mind me saying, of boring, old , Aristotle. It dived into sex and social classes. I liked the way he made sex not just a "fun thing between the sheets" anymore. People aren't just making it more of an education. It has to be "safe, responsible, and socially constructive." He also made the point that pleasure no longer makes the same rebellious statement that it had in the past.

He remarks at the fact that the Bobos don't just "go" on a vacation. They have to make the vacation about being the best, and conquering. For example you just can't go the Rockie Mountains and enjoy the view. You have to climb to the top, and not only that but climb your way back down. They must achieve self-fullfilment and get the most out of a vacation. This was a truly halirous reading.