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Football Fanatics

As you all might know, no no, excuse me you should know, this Saturday, September 16 is the first home game for the Minnesota football team. I better see all of my fellow classmates in the student section cheering for what is quite possibly the best sport on the face of the earth. Even though we do play Temple, this is the home opener, this game will set the tone for future home games as we know it. I love everything about Saturdays. I love the pregame festivities, like grilling, and hanging with friends. I love watching the game and most of all i love socializing after the game. These games should be a time when everyone in the student body comes together to support one cause.

These games have an even bigger impact for me. My best friends from high school was lucky enough to be able to play for this university. My friend and I played together in high school and have known eachother since we could walk. Even if you do not have a valid reason for coming to the game, just come to support the team and be with friends. I promise you will have a good time.