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Random Entry

This week I will be discussing the harsh transition from high school to college. This is a time in everyones life where they experience a rollercoaster of emotions. Lets face the facts though, you aren't the only ones that feel these emotions. Your family and friends fell them as well.
It all starts at the beginning of your senior year. You are all excited to apply to colleges and can't wait to find the furthest one from home possible. You tell all your friends and underclassmates where u applied and you feel like you are on top of the world. You are so on top of the world that you decide, "you know what i am a senior, this is my last year, i dont feel like doing this assignment toinght, i would rather watch TV with a double cheeseburger from the dollar menu at McDonalds." This starts the long lasting habit of being lazy. It is a wake up call when you get to college and teachers expect you to not only finish the assignment on time but to read ahead. Thats right, you heard me, "get ahead!" So know you have to actually study on a saturday or sunday. This makes the transition harder.
Now you are happy because that college you wanted to go to as sent you back a letter saying they have accepted you into their institution. Now the excitment begins. You get to school the next day telling everyone that you got in. You start sending in all the necessary information and set up orientation dates. You (your mom) starts buying everything you will need for your dorm room while your dad cant believe that the interest rate has gone up even more on tuition. This is the time when the rollercoaster begins to go up.
Oh man, its summer, now i get to chill with my firends 24/7. On the contrary, now you must get a job and start saving for college. You save up all your money and feel good inside because you have done the responsible thing, and again the rollercoaster keeps heading up.
However, now summer is rolling to a close. You realize that the college you wanted to attend miles and miles away isn't looking so good anymore, and the things your mom got you for your dorm will not fit into your van. Then you wake up the next morning and realize that those friends you wanted to hang out with, well half of them are gone because private schools started before labor day. After, you remember that you wont be going back to high school where you were a senior, you are heading to a school with thousands of people, all from different backrounds.
As the last day of freedom in your home town rolls to an end the rollercoaster goes on a steady decline. You begin to miss your family and you haven't even left them yet, and that dog that you had to walk every morning won't be there to greet you in during the week. You realize how much closer you want that college to be to home, and how much harder these feelings make the transition to college. Finally, when you get out of the car and say goodbye to mom for the last time, the emotions hit. You are her last child heading off to college, the last bird to leave the nest, and as mother cries, dad slaps you on hte back and says behave and that he will miss you. None of that lovey dovy crap like mom does.
At this point you realize you are on your own. You meet your roomate and you get along well with him or her. You begin to feel better, and the rollercoaster is heading up again. You go out to eat with friends and get familiar with the city and everything is getting better, you are starting to fall into the routine that we call "college life."