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Reflecting on Aristotle

I know what you are thinking, who cares about Aristotle. He is soooo boring. Why even waste my time. Well, I will tell you why. Even though he dicusses the characteristic of "good" in a very detailed, repetitive way, he makes very valid points. I don't think that anyone of us could even begin to describe the true meaning of good. He makes points on rational thinking and how good ties in with politics. He brings common sense thinking to the readers attention and somehow, out of nowhere, creates mind knumbing, uncomprehendable statements.

Even though Aristotle is very boring, I seemed to actually understand what it was he was talking about. I was very suprised and at the same time impressed with myself. I do hope that the readings become more interesting as the year progresses, but it is always good to mix in a little higher thinking every once in a while. So, till next time, this is Alex DeNuccio reminding you to always support your gopher athletic teams.