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Reflecting on Jon Stewart

Wow, i enjoyed reading America. I must say that I love Jon Stewart. Don't get the wrong idea, i am not madly in love in with him, just in love. He actually made reading out of a textbook somewhat worthwhile. It is hard at times to understand the jokes, but when you do they are hilarious. I dont know about anyone else, but when he compared the different steps of growing up (infacy, childhood, etc.) to democracy, i literally laughed out loud.

The one characteristic that sets him apart from everyone else is that the tesxtbook America is not written like all the other textbooks. His is written so that you will laugh while still being able to grasp the true meaning of the point he is trying to get across. He makes his points and engrains them in peoples minds by making them laugh. I would advise anyone who reads this blog to pick up a copy of America and take the time to read a chapter or two. He really puts a unique view on history. If only every reading could be so good (Aristotle) :)