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The Wasp Situation

I am sure everyone is aware of the current situation at hand in class. The one distraction that is on everyones mind. The wasp. Its the same every morning. About ten minutes into class a flying object will swoop down from the ceiling and draw the attention of every single student sitting in the class. I mean its not that i am trying to be rud by not listening to what the teacher has to say, but i have a real phobia about bees in general. I hate them. They are so small yet they can inflict so much pain.

However, I consider myself one of the lucky ones. I am thankful that I am not alergic to bees. I feel bad for anyone in the class who is. I would imagine that he or she would be in constant fear or being stung. I wonder if that is the same wasp each time, and if it is, is there a nest or place he goes each night to rest until the next contemporary public issues class? I dont know, but I am sure he will be back Friday.