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Minnesota Football

I am truly, truly dissapointed in myself this past week. I am a gigantic football fan, and yet I left this past Saturday's game against Michigan early. The second I was outside the stadium i knew i had made a mistake. I mean lets face it, you paid money for the tickets, this was a game where Minnesota played a top ten team, and it was a Big Ten opponent. Granted we did lose, but man what a finish. We scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter, and then recovered the onside kick. It must have been the definition of excitment during the fourth quarter in the metrodome.

I will make one thing clear. Come this Saturday, I will stay in my seat until the last second on the clock ticks away. Personally, I believe that this will be a good game. I cannot wait for the pandimonium in the metrodome. Fans going wild, pre and post game celebrations, this is bond to be another good weekend. I hope everyone in the class will be in attendence at the game on Saturday to support your gophers.